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Pancho Libre performing Chinese Pole at circus festival

Pancho is a highly flexible and creative artist adaptable to different projects. A clown at heart, he loves to move, to dance and is an explosive acrobat!

He enjoys new challenges and working under direction. All his skills can be adapted for corporate/gala events, family festivities, street theatre festivals or animation/walkabout/meet and greet.


Pancho has a wealth of experience performing solo and in a group environment. One of his his most popular works has been an award winning interactive, high-skilled, comedy performance 'Pancho Libre -The Mexican' which has been performed in sixteen countries around the globe!


"Pancho has warmed the hearts of thousands across the globe, performing his incredibly energetic and playful acrobatic show."

– Live Nelson Magazine


running away with the circus

Pancho started his career in Mexico City at a time when circus was a rather inaccessible art form for Mexicans.


Determined to pursue his dreams, he traveled to Cuba to study under the ex-Olympic gymnast and head coach of Cuba's National Circus School Felix Roche. Impressed by the reputation and inspired by the discipline and dedication of the ancient art of acrobatics in China.

Pancho then traveled across the Pacific Ocean to Beijing, China and became the first Mexican to train with the world renowned Chinese Circus at their homebase, the National Circus School of China.


Pancho has become a sought after independent artist performing regularly both internationally, from Australia to Thailand, UK to Dubai and of course in Mexico. 


Pancho had the pleasure of performing with the world renowned Cirque Du Soleil for Canada's 150th year celebration which was hosted by the Canadien president Justin Trudeau.


Pancho Libre Performing on Cyr Wheel at a Street Festival

"A favourite outdoor busker had to be Pancho Libre... spinning wildly and rolling around the stage at frightening angles with remarkable strength."

– Delectably chic Blog



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"His acrobatic comedy act mesmerised the crowd and his finale of a handstand atop a 3-metre pole caused a number of jaws to drop."

– Nelson Mail